How to automatically post from your blog to Facebook

I like to be my own guinea pig when it comes to testing out new tools! I figure that if I can’t understand how to use a tool, how can I expect my clients to? Testing on my own site is also a great way to uncover the pros and cons of a tool.

Today’s experiment is with an amazing tool called “If This Then That”, or IFTTT for short. This (free!) tool allows you to connect multiple online services together easily. It has a huge library of pre-made integrations that are easy to set up.

I’m a huge advocate of creating content on your website and then sharing it onto social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.


By creating the content on your site first, you retain control of it. Unless your last name ends in Zuckerberg, you probably don’t control Facebook. But you have complete control of your website!

Creating blog content is one of the most powerful ways to get found by people searching on Google, and it’s a great way for a business to demonstrate their expertise. Sharing knowledge, tips and other useful information is much more powerful than just “liking” something you read on Facebook. And whatever you do, I beg you…please don’t share cat videos using your business Facebook page. I like cat videos just as much as anybody else, but save those to torture your friends on your personal page.

So, back to this IFTTT tool – where it helps is in automating the sharing of content from your website, which should be your content/marketing “hub”, to your social media accounts.

When properly connected, it will automatically share your latest blog post(s) from your website to Facebook, or any other social media account you’ve connected it to.

And did I mention it’s FREE?

If you’d like more information about how to do this, feel free to reach out to me ( I’m always happy to talk Geek!

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